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Jerry D - Bingo
Josh W - Bulldog
Chad B - Donkey Kong
Jay M - Jaybird
Pete D - T.O./Peaches/Bedarue
Doug W - Peacekeeper
Kevin A - FireHunter
Austin D - Dirdy
Travis P - Sunshine
Judson B - The Judge
Carmen C - Old Dog
Jeff H - Herman
Chad C - Fury
Craig C - C Note
Alex C - AC
Nate Z - Zoo/Guessepe
Danny M - Rico
Cody C - Salesman
Marcus M - Hollywood
Mike B - Barky
Troy B - Trump
Tim M - Squirlly
Tom K - Kazoo
Cary H - Saber
Tom Z - Fetus
Mark Z - Woody
Alex Y - Wings
Mike S - MeanJoe
Steve L - House of Pain
James K - Royals

  4/21: 4 Man Woodsball Tournament @ Red Dragon   ...   5/19: 4 Man Woodsball Tournament @ Red Dragon   ...   6/22: Mag-Fed/ Pump Game by SAS @ Blast Camp      

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Delta Squad was formed for one reason: to enjoy the company of fellow teammates and others while playing woodsball- and scenario-style Paintball.   Every member of the Delta Squad brings his or her own strengths to the team, whether it be in the form of leadership, tactics or otherwise. Good sportsmanship is the one trait that every member must possess.


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